For a fraction of a second, time stands still and yet this moment is lost forever; nothing but a photo remains, an everlasting testimony of this very moment in time.

A perfectly done portrait awakens feelings, tells a story, makes us think and maybe laugh, or its beauty may simply take our breath away. Such a portrait is a piece of art that does not lose its attraction over time and will be viewed with interest across generations. Each person is unique, and a skilfully done portrait will give us glimpse of this uniqueness by letting the essence of the character shine through the surface. For such a special photo I will spend a lot of time with my customers and together we will think about which situation may fit best, and where to locate the photo shoot. I will assist with the posing - and if necessary - with the make-up, with or without the help of a make-up artist. Along the way to your personal image, we will talk, laugh and mutually create a piece of art as unique as you.