Marina Lachen

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!”-Mae West

These stunning newlyweds had a wedding on Friday the 13th that could have been a hollywood movie. Far away from any sign of bad luck, there couldn't have been a more perfect day to get married.
The first look would already have made a romantic scene in a film. The bride walks a little shily with her long dress in hand through the gates of the castle to the draw bridge to meet her groom, who is so nervous, that tears already flow, before he even sees how beautiful she looks that day! He's slowly turns around and the only thing missing is the slow-motion sequence and the orchestra starting to play. So sweet, that even my husband had tears in his eyes looking at the pictures afterwards ;-)

The civil wedding too place at Pfäffikon Tower Castle, where we did the family formals and a short shoot with the couple right after.

They then took a leisurely ride in the elegant Excalibur car, Kurt Weber lovingly and very enthusiastically chauffeurs to get to the evening location. The wonderful weather meat they were able to enjoy the ride in the convertible and also the aperitif outdoors at the marina, where colleagues, friends and family congratulated and thought up fun games.

Of course, the couple also had to be photographed in the insane sunset light by the lake. The setting (and the couple of course ;-)) were so gorgeous it felt like a like romantic stroll by the sea, the sunset could not have been more perfect.

At Hotel Marina Lachen, the view is hardly to be exceeded, but what I want to highlight especially is the super nice and fun service personnel, who also provided a lot of laughs and a wonderful mood. Also, the food was exquisite. Really highly recommended!

In the evening, Markus Lutz made sure of the ideal sound as DJ. An underestimated task, as I find. A feeling for suitable and timeless music doesn't come naturally to all who call themselves DJ.

The evening was filled with lovely speeches and fun acts. The family of the bride dressed as a sailor, fitting the location, had rehearsed a super fun choreography. Also, the first dance had been beautifully choreographed by the sporty couple, simply stunning!

Fireworks and sparklers at the end of the day put the dot on the i. And for whomever the romance was not enough yet, the beautiful cake, baked by a friend of the couple, could satisfy any longing for more sweetness.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer, it was a wonderful experience with all of you. From the bottom of my heart I wish you many many happy years to come!

Makeup and hair newlyweds: Beatrice Mendelin (also looked great in the heat and after the ride in the convertible!)

Elegant clothes for both: BRAUTfashion Sins

Old-timer: Oldtimer-Traumfahrten - Kurt Weber