After Wedding

After the wedding, the beautiful dress spends the rest of its life on a hanger....

- why? Too bad! This beautiful bride decided to air the dress again, a year after their wedding and to treat herself and her husband to a photoshoot in the mountains. All the amazing feelings were relived. She was so nervous, as if it was the actual wedding day all over again. The two of them were so cute!

A great experience for me, too, because we rarely have time to focus soley on the shooting of the bride and groom on the actual wedding day. With this idea, all possibilities are open I can get creative, free of a time plan and we have the possibility to choose an amazing place for the shooting off the beaten track, which would probably never fit in the time scedule on a wedding day. Also no need to worry about the dress getting dirty ;-)

In this incredible scenery I could create these unique pictures I've been looking forward to showing you the all week!

Engagement shoot on the Swiss Mountains

After the season, is before the season!

Yeah well I still have a couple of weddings until the end of the year, but I can already feel life getting a little calmer...

This week I already started with an engagement shoot for 2018. I love taking time for some photos before the wedding, so I can learn what I have to pay special attention to on the big day. My nearlyweds learn to trust me and are much less stressed on their wedding day, when it comes to being photographed. Most people don't like having their photos taken ;-)

This cute couple (like almost all of them) "warned" me they were not photogenic. I think I could prove the opposite ;-)

When the sweet bride to be told me about her planned outfit, I knew there needed to be suitable location! They both trusted me and came all the way into central Switzerland to frolic in our beautiful Swiss mountains.

I'm looking forward to taking pictures next year on the beautiful Lake of Zurich, I'm sure it will be a great wedding!

Wedding at Castle Heidegg

The beautiful Heidegg Castle is an easy location for me, so many wonderful corners for photographing and with a lovely couple, of course it is doubly fun!

Are these two not super cute?! They radiate happyness!

After I had a cool, engagement shoot with the two of them not too long ago, I knew this was going to be a great wedding. From the getting ready shots of the boys and then the girls to the cutting of the wedding cake, I had a smile on my face. Even the priest had the whole church to laghing with his charm and humor.

I don't need to emphasize how fantastically beautiful the bride is, a blond angel with ice blue eyes. This time, I find the groom especially worth mentioning, who so skillfully chose his amazing tailor-made suit, where every detail has been thought through all the way to the buttons, awesomely chic!

It was really fun with you guys, thank you so much for letting me be part of your big day!

Dress: Hochzeits-Träume Stans
Suit: UZ Mode Ruswil
Flowers: Blumerei Sempach
Rings: Goldschmied Sempach

Hair&Make-Up Bride, Hair Groom: Coiffure Kurmann (Martina Muff & Corinne von Flüeh & Erika Bruttel-Kurmann)
Dinner: Gourmet Star
Cake&Apéro: Willi Beck

Wedding at Meggenhorn Castle

From Castle Meggenhorn...

The sun was shining bright, only rivaled by the smiles of my sweet bridal couple!

Years ago, I did a couples photosession with these two and was so happy when they remebered me for their wedding photos!

At one of my favorite locations (Meggenhorn Castle) the wedding took place on the terrace, from here you have a wonderful view over lake lucerne, the pilatus and with a bit of a neck stretch even to the city of lucerne.

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding for the brother of the groom 3 years ago ,so I recognized a lot of friendly faces and felt fully welcome woth this lovely family!

It was very hot, but after the cold rainy week before, we all appreciated some vitamin D ;-) although I got a little sunburnt (Despite sunscreen! )

After the aperitif, we took pictures in the castle gardens with the newlyweds, before we made our way to the Restaurant Winkelbadi - "Tubeschlag"

Here we were greeted dramatically by the guggen music Rüsssuuger with a cool interpretation of the theme from Game of Thrones. I rather hoped this was not an omen, but had to admit it sarted the evening in style! One of their further songs, brought the sweet bride to tears, as they had learned the beautiful piece by Journey just for her.

Under a white tent directly by the water, the evenings events took place with fun games and very fine food until long after the spectacular sunset.

Thanks for letting me be part of your lovely wedding, it was great fun!

Wedding dress: Hochzeits-Träume Stans

Wedding in Zurich

Once again, I had the great joy of accompanying a dream wedding with lots of music.

In the impressive church in Erlenbach Zurich, we were greeted by the enchanted singing of the bride. As elegant and gratious as one of the pricesses from her beloved Disney films with a beautiful soprano voice, accompanied by her prince charming on the guitar, almost no eyes were left dry.

The rings were brought to the altar by the family dog, attached to a colar draped with flowers.

After an aperitif on the blue Lake of Zurich, the international company travelled by boat to the Mythenquai, where we were able to enjoy a fine dinner at the rowing club Enge in the evening.

With charm and humor, the groom started off the evenings entertainment with a speach in three languages. In honour of the guests from France and even Canada, who had flown in to celebrate with my dear customers.

When the storm swept over Switzerland bringing the cool down we had all been hoping for, we were able to enjoy the wonderful natural spectacle from protection of the balcony.

Celebrations went on in good spirit with lots of lovely performances into the early hours of the morning.

Thank you for letting me be part of your big day!

Wedding in Brunnen and Gersau

These two are so sweet! In a day filled with the sounds of live music, this musical bride and groom said yes.

In the pretty Kindli chapel in Gersau, the beautiful ceremony took place, with a promise of love, so sensitive and from the heart that the priest and I were both touched to tears.

We took the ship on to Gersau, where we were spoiled by the aperitif with life music groups from classic to modern guggen music. (traditional Swiss folk music usually played at carneval)

All three of us were happy it was a little cooler on Saturday than the week before and the photos have a certain magic in the almost misty landscape.

In the evening we went to the restaurant & bar "Schilf" in Brunnen where we enjoyed a really fine Italian dinner, I can only recommend it!

The beautiful rings were handmade by the bride and groom themselves. The bride was showing off her work of art prodly all day, such a nice idea!

Thank you so two so much for letting me be part of your big day!

Dress: Braut Boutique Jolie-Mode
Suit: Durrer Mode in Stans
Rings: Schmuckschmiede Anja Camenzind
Restaurant: Schilf

Feedback from the cute couple:

Thanks a lot for the pictures. We looked at them last night and are over the moon! You did an excellent job.
We would like to thank you very much.
We felt very well advised and cared for with you!
We are looking forward to admiring the rest of your work.


Wedding celebration in the city of Lucerne

How beautiful is this? After 24 years of being together and after two children, this sweet couple decided to have a small wedding celebration with their family and friends, and I had the honour to accompany them with my camera. The atmosphere was great, easy and uncomplicated, this was also due to the two beautiful garden restaurants in the middle of Lucerne where the celebration took place. I will ask them shortly where they got those beautiful rings ;-)

Wirthshaus Eichhof

Moosmatt Luzern

Engagement Photos in Zürich

Last week I had the pleasure to photograph a small engagement session in Zürich for this lovely couple. It's always a good idea to do a practice run before the wedding, so that we get to know each other a little better and initial nervousness in front of the camera is gone before the actual wedding day. The Iris Garden in the Belvoir Park was also just in full bloom, an icredibly beautiful backdrop! Now I am looking forward to the forthcoming wedding even more, these two make my job really easy :-)

Dress: Merys Couture

Wedding in Ägeri

On Saturday I accompanied a very sweet couple for their wedding. In the Baar District, and later on on the Raten (Restaurant Raten) in Oberägeri Zug with incredible views, it was a very fun party with the lovely family. During the day it was quite cloudy and rather cool, but this never dampened the cheerful mood and we were rewarded for our patience in the evening with a spectacular sunset. A photographer's dream! I'll show you more pictures soon

Brides Hair & Makeup: Beatrice Mendelin

Wedding Dress Chez Janine

Lost Place Styled Wedding Shoot in Lucerne

Deep in my heart I am, and will stay an artist. I have the great fortune to love my job and to be able to make a living doing what I love is a dream come true.

Every now and then my crazy artistic side breaks free and I do some photography just for me out of sheer joy of creation.

It is very rare, that I do a Styled Wedding Shoot* as I have more than enough picture material from real weddings available ;-) But occasionally it is really fun to get together with other professionals from the industry and create a dream world. This shoot was something I have been wanting to do for a really long time!

Last week I had the unique opportunity to shoot in a church ruin. In this so-called "lost place" we deliberately chose to do something very off mainstream wedding photography.

This 100-year-old jewel has been neglected for years and is now falling apart, so it is no longer used as a church and is soon to be converted.

The inspiration for our shoot was provided by the late 80 s and early 90 s. The 9-minute cult video clip for "November rain" by Guns'n'Roses is one of my favorites from my youth, add a touch of "like a prayer" by Madonna and we had secured an idea for this unique setting.

Model: Claudia Popadiuk
Hair & makeup artist: Julia Loher
The November rain dress, veil & undergarments: Brautboutique Jolie-Mode GmbH
The amazing veil: Brautboutique Jolie-Mode
Dress with lace sleeves: Sencondhand Shop

* Styled wedding shoots are photo shoots, in which several service providers come together with a concept for a wedding, mostly with models as a bride and groom in order to show what would be possible