Liebegg Castle

These two were probably a little too well behaved this year to deserve such incredible summer weather, but sunshine is never anything to be complained about at weddings, even at 36C ;-)
It just went perfectly with her lovely freckles!

There was a lot going on in the morning at the brides parents house and I just love capturing this exciting mood and taking time for the beautiful details. It just makes for a great story at the end of the day! Also this dream gown had to be celebrated while getting dressed with her best friends! Perfect for a bride who wants to be classic and romantic, but pure white just doesn't suit her complexion.

The elegant groom then got to enjoy the first look at his stunning bride in the garden, before we headed up to the castle (Schloss Liebegg)

At the castle we first got the formals with friends and family "out of the way" before we took time for a photo shoot of the newlyweds before the big moment. From here on my dear friend and brilliant photographer colleague Heike Witzgall Fotografie came to support me, more about this at the end.

In the beautiful courtyard of the castle, Simone of lovely words held a wonderful wedding ceremony, where we were all allowed to hear the personal love story of the couple. Probably one of the smallest ring carriers I've ever had in front of my lens, very proudly and on somewhat shaky legs brought the rings attached to a balloon. Just super duper cute!

After the ceremony we were surprised by the brilliant band and the brides school class.

The festivities at dinner were also accompanied by great live music Pocket Jukebox. A good live band is hard to beat for creating wonderful atmosphere and just makes events so much more elegant and festive.

Thank you for trusting me with the photography of your wonderful day, it was a huge pleasure to work with you and your lovely family and friends!

-Second Shooter: Heike Witzgall Fotografie

- flowers and or decoration: Atelier Kunstsinn Andrea Suter(

- Rings: Ueli Rudolf von Goldschmiede Lüscher (

- wedding dress, suit and dresses bridesmaids: BRAUTfashion Sins (

- Make-up: Sandy Merlo von Mary Kay (

- Zobrist Intercoiffure (Kreuzung Bleicherweg und Stockerstrasse) Carmen Zobrist (

- Ceremony: Simone Gori von lovely words (

- Musicians: Pocket Jukebox (

- others: Sonstige: Licht: Jöly's Vermietung (

A few more personal thoughts at the end:

A professional photographer is normally booked for capturing beautiful memories, but there are many more advantages one might not think of. As I will show you in this little side story.
In the early morning of last Saturday, my smallest son suddenly started being sick and soon after, my own stomach started churning too. I've already photographed a wedding with the flu or a crushed wrist, as long as I am somehow able, I will be there, pain meds and continue. But stomach flu is an extreme and impossible scenario. I was very grateful for the very spontaneous support from my network. My dear friend Heike droped everything to come with me, in case I suddenly had to leave at a crusial moment. I was lucky and was healthy enogh to be able to take photos all day, so Heike was able to capture the second angle and enrich the newlyweds with lots of original and unique additional photos! Also a great pleasure to work together again! This is how unique images and insights are captured from brand new angles, which I, as the main photographer would not be able to take, since I have to focus on the most important moments. If you enjoy exactly these types of artistic and extraordinary photos, you should think about booking a second shooter!

Saturday was not my day overall, when my second camera suddenly and for no apparent reason died in the evening. I always have several cams with me and in every one there are two memory sticks as backup, so no picture was lost and I was able to deliver all the photos despite some challenging situations.

Thank you again dear bestie for your spontaneous help! <3 next time hopefully will be a planned gig ;-P