elopement in Greece

Enchanted on Crete ...

Or something similarly over the top romantic, could almost be the title of this film ready wedding. Some of the pictures are so romantic, they could almost adorn the cover of the tackiest romance novel ;-) the only thing missing, being the dolphins frolicking in the background and a large curly font over the top ;-)

Greece has had a very special place in my heart for a long time, but ever since the first Mamma Mia movie, I have dreamed of photographing a wedding in such a location. And now this wish came true! And even with a film ready (and incredibly lovely) couple! No idea if the bride can sing, but if comes to looks, she already steals Amanda Seyfried's show ;-)

The big day started off somewhat bureaucratically, in the Town Hall of Rethymonos. The civil ceremony was held by the mayor of the city, only accompanied by their two witnesses in rather austere ambience. Perfect proof that it is not only about the location, but with enough feeling even in a clinical meeting room next to whirring air conditioners and open-plan offices, tears of joy can flow. The sweet sister of the bride contributed by writing the most beautiful letter.

Of course, the festivities were not over. After the obligatory;) siesta the preparations for the evening wedding on the beach started. As usual the men and women separately ;-). Here I was particularly pleased that my husband accompanied me as a second shooter and could capture with the boys, so I had time to devote myself entirely to the girls and no one felt uncomfortable.

It was the bride and grooms biggest wish to be married on the beach. Despite the later hour, it was still scorching hot, but there is just something magical about saying Yes (or even better: ναι) with the sound of waves in the background. The biggest challenge for me was that running in the sand is really difficult. :-P

I had just thought it couldn’t get better, when we arrived at the evening Location Agreco Farms. This place is better than any Disney movie set! So romantic that it almost hurts, and to top it off this sunset over the sea in the background, that's almost ridiculously tacky! Whatever you did to earn that light, keep it up ;-)

Too bad that in most resorts hardly any real Greek food is served, so many tourists never get to experience the joy of Greek cuisine. I can assure you; the real stuff is some of the best food in the world. At the Agreco Farms we were not disappointed, wonderful traditional home cooking! In my humble opinion much tastier than any beef fillet with sauce bernaise and potatoes ;-) (which is the preferred meal at Swiss weddings)

Highlights of the evening were, in addition to the passionate first dance, the very touching speech by the groom, which he had written as a surprise for his wife. Simply beautiful and very moving, but he also managed to be very funny at the same time, amazing! The whole family is just incredibly sweet. The brides parents already showed all of us how "happily ever after" is done properly. After more than 30 years of marriage, a family run business and three children they were still dancing and cuddling all day and evening, simply indescribably beautiful.

A huge honor to be flown out from Switzerland especially to capture this amazing day! From the bottom of my heart Ευχαριστώ πολύ that you entrusted this important task to me and my husband and that we were allowed to be a part of this dream wedding. A unique experience with an incredible couple, stay just the way you are !!!!

Life is short
The world is wide
Make some memories

May the rest of your lives be the best of your lives!

Wedding Planer for Crete, Dekoration & Location: Caroline Austen MOMENTS Weddings & Events

Location Getting Ready: Anemos Luxury Grand Resort
Location Evening: AgrecoFarms

Attire wedding couple, brides maids and groomsmen : 2 the Moon and Back

Second Shooter, my very own prince charming: Paddy Rätzer