HPZ Hohenrain Lucerne

My newlyweds from last Saturday chose an incredibly beautiful location for their big day! The HPZ Hohenrain certainly has one of the most photogenic churches in central Switzerland! Stunning!

My day begun with the preparations of the bride. I love this excited time in which the air seems to be electric with excitement. Taking photos of all the great details that make the bride and groom unique. The Stylish Bride surprised me with her combination of pretty lacy wedding dress and denim jacket. I wouldn't have believed how brilliant this looks!

The two of them also showed great taste with the incredibly opulent flower decorations, which were created by the Blumengalerie Mattmann. As breathtaking as the bouquet!

During the church ceremony the band Band Mustaf played "enjoy the silence" by Depeche Mode (my absolute favorite song) I had cold shudders going down my back, simply beautiful!

At the aperitif I saw THREE of my former brides! After we continued on to Emmen and the Restaurant Rosstall, a very cool location with modern rustic charm, I had never been here before, a cool insider tip.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your big day!